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an interactive challenge community for APH fans!

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Welcome to hetaland, an interactive challenge community for fans of the series Axis Powers Hetalia.
What is a challenge community you ask? It's a place to compete against your rivaling teams with whatever challenge is posted.
Not a graphics maker? Not the best fanartist? Don't fret, because the challenges will change all the time. Also, there will be other challenges going on at the same time. So hopefully there is something for everyone to participate in!

If you're interested in participating, please read the rules and go here to apply for a team.
o1). Respect your fellow members as you would like to be respected! Yes, this includes people that belong to other teams too. I know we all can get a little competitive, but we don't want to be poor sports, do we?
o2). Be active! Don't join just so you can stare at everybody else having fun. We promise that none of us will bite (very hard, at least).
o3). Please try to at least be semi-literate! We aren't total grammar nazis, but we do want you to speak well enough so we can understand you.
o4). You have to join your team community along with this one! Not only will it let you get to know your fellow team mates, but you might be able to help each other out over there. That way you don't have to post to the main community asking for help.
o5). Only a certain amount of people can be on a team! It would be awfully unfair if Team Asia had 50+ members and Team Europe only had 10. So be sure to have a back-up team in mind when applying in the case that one is already full. Either that, or wait until all the teams have the same amount of members so they will be open for applications again.
o6). Have any questions? Please contact your mods over here. Any comments? Go over here. All comments will be screened for your privacy.
o7). You have to be a part of a team to participate! I cannot accept your request to join the community until I find out what team you want to be in.
08). Have fun everybody! ♥
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